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1936 Berlin Olympics Plaque

Approximately ten by eight inches, this bronze coloured plaque is in exceptional condition having only extremely minor loss of the outer lacquer layer. Depicting Adonis holding the Olympic flame and a bell having an eagle grasping the Olympic Rings in its talons, and the legend "call the youth" on the lower rim, it appears to be cast from a non magnetic material, and is complete with a hanging loop to the reverse.
Olympics Memorabilia of this era is becoming quite rare.

Code: 52319

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Third Reich Senior Forester Portepee

Gold strap with twin green lines to both edges, gold slide,crown and acorn. Gold crochet style stem through which a brass former may be seen. Base of the acorn has a green springy infil.
If you have a senior forestry cutlass with cream coloured or even ivory grips, then this is the correct accoutrement to match it.
A rare item.

Code: 52318

360.00 GBP

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Third Reich Army Dagger Portepee

A 42 cm Portepee having some wear to the outer finish on the strap but capable of being re-tied on a dagger.

Code: 52317

80.00 GBP

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Third Reich Forestry/Hunting Dagger Hanger

Quality brown/green leather "v" notch frog has a metallic box clip sewn into the upper loop. All stitching complete and with no damage to the "shoe" section.
A rare accessory to complete your cutlass.

Code: 52316

295.00 GBP

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Third Reich Luftwaffe Dagger-Wingen

A rare maker indeed. Anton Wingen Junior is known for its quality across a range of Third Reich daggers, but the quantities were limited compared to Eickhorn or SMF.
Finish on this example shows much hand enhancement, particularly to the pommel. Orange grip is undamaged and tightly wrapped with twin strands of brass wire. An original Portepee in the correct tie remains in place. Good detailing to the hand enhanced crossguard eagle and downswept quillions. A leather blade washer remains in place in the depths of the lower crossguard. Some light greying to the blade, most of which could be simply polished out. The "Standing Knight" logo of the Alcoso company is stamped to the upper reverse ricasso. Scabbard has fine stippling to the panels and well defined alluminium scabbard bands and rings.
For the collector who collects by maker, this must be an unmissable opportunity.

Code: 52315

775.00 GBP

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Third Reich SA Single Piece Dagger Hanger

Excellent brown leather having minor wear in the area of the lower loop and some general loss of surface finish. Early snub nosed nickel Spring clip and matching buckle. The small retaining loop is present.

Code: 52314

110.00 GBP

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Third Reich Luftwaffe Pilots Album

This Pilots pocket sized photo album came with the dagger item number 52312. Although there is no written provenance, it is likely that the dagger was owned, and worn, by the pictured pilot.
The album has wooden covers with a landscape carved to the obverse and a presentation to the reverse.

Code: 52313

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Third Reich Luftwaffe Dagger-Alcoso

An excellent example of a 2nd model Luftwaffe dagger by a less common maker. Pommel is well detailed and retains elements of the guilding on the swastica's. Grip is undamaged and is a wonderful shade of orange, wrapped with twin strands of twisted brass wire. An original Portepee is in place in the correct tie. Crossguard eagle is highly detailed and defined, having a "raised out" look which is associated with "high lift" Alcoso Army daggers. A brown washer remains in the recesses of the crossguard.
Near mint blade has no nicks to the cutting edges, and full crossgraining from ricasso to needle sharp tip. The Alcoso scales trademark is etched to the reverse ricasso. Scabbard has well defined stippling to the panels and throat retaining screws present on the upper sides. Alluminium scabbard bands show normal wear associated with this soft metal. Hangers have bullion fronts and high pile velvet backs, both in good condition. Upper fitting is Assmann marked and has less common single leaf decoration. Straps are supported by metal tabs. Lower fittings are the deluxe "push-up" variety.
An opportunity to add an unusual "Full-rig" Luft. To your collection.

Code: 52312

795.00 GBP

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Third Reich K98 Bayonet Frog

Excellent frog of four rivet construction, having lines of stitching to the edges and centre. Reverse marked with makers name and the date "1940". Minor wear to the finish on the shoe section.

Code: 52311

95.00 GBP

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Third Reich Army Dagger Hangers

Plain upper clip, straps supported by folded metal tabs, which are oak leaf decorated. Good definition to the buckles and slides which have matching embellishments. Lower clips are the pebbled, "push-in" variety. Bullion fronts are in excellent condition with no torn threads, reverse is brown high pile velvet having two tiny holes presumably caused by attempts to hang or display.
A fine set.

Code: 52310

195.00 GBP

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