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Ammunition Pouch Falklands War

A green leather Argentinian ammo pouch bought back from the Falklands conflict by a British Veteran. Excellent overall condition with little loss of green finish. Marked to the rear "PP".

Code: 52541

80.00 GBP

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Falklands War Argentinian Ammo Pouch

Veteran bring back. Generally sound with some loss of finish to the green leather.

Code: 52540

70.00 GBP

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Argentinian Army Amunition Pouch

A leather ammo pouch from the 1982 Falklands war. All complete and in good order with some loss of the green finish.

Code: 52539

70.00 GBP

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Falklands War-Water Bottle Cover

Green canvas shaped to suit the bottle for sale on this site. Poppers and belt loop in good condition, one small tear to the canvas.

Code: 52537

90.00 GBP

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Bofors Training Round

40mm shell case having a plastic practice shell fitted. Stamped to the base with identification marks. In very good slightly rusty condition.

Code: 52534

45.00 GBP

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Argentinian Army Water Bottle

Falklands War veteran bring back. All alluminium construction. No damage, missing stopper.

Code: 52532

125.00 GBP

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Argentinian Army Combat "Y" Straps

Falklands War veteran bring back. Green leather strapping in excellent condition, all buckles complete.

Code: 52531

175.00 GBP

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Argentinian Army Combat Smock

Falklands War veteran bring back. Green cotton material in good used condition having some staining and tears. No missing buttons.

Code: 52530


Argentinian Army Leathet Belt

Veteran bring back from the Falklands war. Green leather showing some signs of wear but no abuse. Steel buckle stitched to one end, no loss of stitching or damage to eyelets holes.

Code: 52529

125.00 GBP

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Bavarian Sword Knot

Gold strap with twin blue line decoration to the edges. "Basket weave" gold slide, gold "crochet style stem through which a silver former may be seen. Gold crown and acorn which has a twisted wire blue infil to the base. Excellent condition somewhat grubby with age.

Code: 52528

150.00 GBP

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