Welcome to World Waugh Militaria

My interest in military collectables stems from a lifelong fascination with the human stories that fashioned Europe during the two global conflicts of the 20th century. The resulting detritus of war have resulted in a legacy of intriguing artifacts and source materials, every item of which has a story to tell to those who will listen.


Through the items available on this site, in particular the Dress Daggers, side arms and accoutrements of the Third German Reich ,I hope to provide like- minded individuals with the means to recall a dark period of history which should never be forgotten, nor condoned.


Please bear in mind that first and foremost I am a collector, and therefore delighted to offer advice or valuation on any aspect of this all- consuming hobby.


Whilst I consider all artefacts to be realistically priced in today's marketplace, I may be prepared to negotiate on certain items should you find something of particular interest. In addition, a 'Layaway' option could be available on higher priced articles subject to mutually satisfactory terms. N.B. Postal charges quoted are indicative only and based on "worst case" distance scenario. You will only incur actual postage charge on the day of despatch.


I am happy to work with you in any way I can to ensure you snare that particular piece for your collection


All items that are offered for sale are for historical purposes only, and are not intended to be worn as everyday items. I do not support the ideas or political statements of the regime.

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