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Third Reich SA Dagger-CARL ZANDER

Rated a 10 on the Mcsarr scale, this item represents the rarest of the known manufacturers of SA dagger producers and is in excellent condition. Solid nickel crossguards are sharply defined having precise accent grooves and a pommel nut which appears unturned. Lower guard is stamped "Ns" to the reverse. Superb grip is perfectly fitted and has only the most minor of wearing signs. The SA sigrunne and political eagle are perfectly inset to the obverse face. Bright blade is sharply tipped showing no damage to the edges. Minor signs of previous water damage to the obverse blade and obverse ricasso. Reverse ricasso is heavily stamped with the maker mark of "Karl Zander Solingen" in a double circle with the "Kwick" logo stamped across it. Early anodised scabbard is in excellent condition with elements of factory lacquer remaining. Upper scabbard fitting is missing one side screw, lower fitting has a minor dent to the ball.

A possibly unique opportunity to acquire a very rare maker SA dagger in first rate condition.

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Third Reich SA Three Piece Dagger Hanger

Early quality belt loop has "D" ring riveted into the lower loop and has embossed line decoration to the edges. Grip strap is complete with "Stocko" marked push clip and small leather loop. Single piece hanger has a perfect unmarked "long nosed" nickel Spring clip and buckle assembly which also has line decoration to the leather.
Perfect rig for an early dagger.

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Third Reich SA Dagger-Ground Röhm

Nice early dagger has solid upper and lower crossguards having fine edges and crisp, deep accent grooves. Lower guard is stamped "Sw" to the reverse. Dark brown fruitwood grip, which fits the crossguards perfectly, has correctly inset SA rune and political eagle to the obverse face, while the reverse of the grip has a vertical crack emanating from the centre of the upper crossguard. Full length blade has one small Nick to the upper edge but remains otherwise bright with crisp motto to the obverse. Reverse of the blade has been factory repolished eliminating all traces of the offending Röhm dedication. A minuscule portion of the makers mark remains which appears to be of the F Dick" concern.
Brown anodised scabbard has most finish remaining with evidence of surface rust. Scabbard fittings are in excellent condition having all screws in place and apparently unturned. Lower fitting has a perfect, undented ball.
Overall a fine example of a factory, fully ground Röhm presentation dagger.

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Presented Third Reich SA Dagger-Krebs

This incredible dagger, once a competition prize and complete with its period display board was uncovered during a house clearance in the magnificent German town of Frankfurt am Main. Not only has this piece never been apart, but has details of the competition and its winner superbly, professionally etched into the obverse upper and lower crossguards. These guards are solid nickel having outstanding, crisp edges and deep, perfectly executed accent grooves. Reverse of the lower guard is stamped "He". Superb fruitwood grip is a beautiful dark brown hue having correctly inset SA rune and nickel eagle. There is some evidence of an attempt to de nazify this eagle resulting in some minor damage to the area of the grip beneath the swastica. Blade has a needle sharp tip with no damage to the edges. " Alles für Deutschland" motto is deeply etched and retains all its factory darkening. Both obverse and reverse have some minor age staining but much of this could be simply removed by the next owner if required. Upper reverse ricasso has the deeply stamped Karl Julius Krebs maker Mark prominently displayed. Early anodised scabbard retains all its finish albeit with some rust marks predominantly to the reverse. All attachment screws are present, whilst the lower chape has some minor mis shaping to the ball. Attached to the upper fitting is an original, unusual leather hanger correctly attached.
The original wooden display board has a dark blue velvet backing which has taken the shape of the dagger over the years.
This item was obviously proudly displayed for many years both during and after the war by the family of the recipient, and now needs to find a home with a collector who will be equally proud of this outstanding artefact.

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Weimar Officer Pattern 1890 Naval Dirk

A superb example of the officer pattern 1890 Dirk, having a double fullered damascus blade bearing the makers mark of WKC and the distributors logo of GB&S beneath crossed swords. Large open finial crown pommel. Bowed tension spring locking device .
Blade of this amazing dagger appears to have been period shortened, enabling the original owner, following the frugal principles of the time in Europe, to wear his old (and expensive damascus bladed) cadet pattern with a replacement scabbard, having fine guilloche carrying bands. Fine ivory grip showing typical striation cracks. Remains of red blade washer to upper ricasso.
An excellent example of this pattern Dirk which really "talks to you"

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Third Reich Luftwaffe Dagger Hangers

Oak leaf decorated, upper Spring clip is both D.R.G.M. and RZM marked. Straps are connected to the clip via metal fold over tabs which are riveted through. Buckles, slides and lower push-up clips are oak leaf decorated. Longer strap is torn for part of its length.

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Third Reich Army Dagger Hangers

Early de-luxe set having Assman and D.R.G.M marked fittings in early quality materials. Box clip, swivels, buckles, slides and lower " push-up" fittings are all decorated with oak leaves and acorns. One of the lower clips is missing its Spring loaded section. Some loss of silver wire tress to obverse and loss of velvet backing material.

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Falklands War Souvenir

The exact purpose of this medallion is unknown, but was returned from the Falklands conflict by a British Veteran. Metal appears to be alluminium and measures just over an inch in diameter.

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Presentation Cigarette Case-Dunkirk Recognition.

An interesting presentation cigarette case, which is in a box with a certificate and a length of general service medal ribbon. It was presented on 14th August 1940 to Cpl. E. Austin by the Mayor and Citizens of the Borough of Wokingham "in recognition of the gallantry and heroism shown by him at the Evacuation of Dunkirk". The engine turned, plated case, is in perfect, original, unused condition, and carries on the front a crest with an enamel centre of a single hanging acorn with the name 'Wokingham' around it. In a cartouche, also on the front, are the initials 'EA'. Inside, on the left it is engraved 'Dunkirk 1940'. It is all very complete and original, including the paper and tissue the case was originally wrapped in. The plain buff card box is good - there is light rusting on the staples and some biro scribbling on the lid.
Unusual to find a Dunkirk commemorative, a battle which was seen as a “deliverance” rather than a victory, by Churchill.

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"The Wittmann Offering"

We have a number of these definitive catalogues from one of the most respected dealers in the World. Mr Wittmann has been supplying artefacts via catalogues from the late '80s, and prior to his internet presence these illustrated booklets were the only way for collectors to satisfy their desires!
The following are available:-
No.4 Oct.1986
No.6 April 1987
No.3 July 1986
No.9 Winter 1988
No.10 Spring 1988
No11 Summer 1988
No 8 Nov 1987
No.7 July1987
No. 14 Spring 1989
No. 15 Autumn 1989
No. 16 Spring 1990
No. 17 Summer 1990
No. 18 Winter 1990
No. 19 Spring 1991
No. 20 Summer 1991
No. 21 Fall 1991
No. 22 Winter 1992
No. 23 Spring 1992
No. 24 Winter 1993
No. 25 Spring 1993
No. 26 Winter 1993
No. 27 Spring 1994
No. 28 Winter 1995
No. 29 Summer 1995
No. 30 Spring 1996
No. 31 Summer 1996
No. 32 Spring 1997
No. 19 Spring 1991
No. 33 Spring 1998
No. 34 Summer 1998
No. 35 Spring 1999

No. 37 Spring 2000
No. 38 Summer 2000
No. 39 Spring 2001

Mini list:

Spring 1996
December 1996
January 1997
Summer 2001

You are purchasing one book only for this price
Please state which one you would like.

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