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Army Ordnance Sword-Eickhorn

This Army Ordnance Sword is a great example profusely marked.
The hilt is solid brass in a plain, dove head design. At the pommel top there is a spanner-like nut which acts to retain the tang of the blade. The spanner has a waffenamt stamped into it.
The grip is of fine black celluloid over a base of carved wood. This grip is tightly wrapped with heavy gauge brass wires twisted in an opposed fashion.
Below the ferrule of the hilt is a leather finger loop which remains intact. The lower portion of the backstrap is stamped with a waffenamt; a stick bird over the number "wa253" the ferrule is similarly stamped. Beneath the cross guard is the same waffenampt, "CE/38" and the number 2070. An army Portepee is wrapped about the grip. The upper part of the obverse scabbard, beneath the throat, is stamped “15137" The reverse side is marked “CE/G”, also with a waffenamt. There are lots of numbers and stampings to study here!
The scabbard of this sword is blued, something we see on Ordnance pieces. This bluing is just about 100%, showing only the most modest of wear. This scabbard is completely straight throughout.
The blade of this sword measures 32 inches. It is in pristine mint condition, having perfect nickel-plating. The reverse ricasso is marked with the Eickhorn 35-41 trademark. It is also interesting to note that the ricasso edges are also stamped with a waffenamt on one side and “2” on the other. The original leather blade washer is in place.
A superb example with much to study.

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18 plus
Fire Officials Silver lion Head Sword-Eickhorn

A simply stunning sword complete with all accoutrements .
Silver-plated hilt fittings show light surface wear/age patina with much factory frosting remaining in the recesses of the lion head pommel with red glass eyes, floral embellished backstrap, knuckle-bow with fire equipment motif and crossguard langet with raised crossed fire axes surmounted by a fire helmet. Black ray-skin grip shows light surface wear with no rips or tears and is complete with tight twisted silver wire wrap. Plated double-etched blade measuring 31 inches in length shows only light surface wear/runner marks and no graying, pitting or nicks to cutting edge and is complete with brown leather blade buffer pad. Obverse and reverse blade feature 12 inch long etched panels consisting of floral/fire equipment motif on light gray frosted background. A double oval Eickhorn maker mark is stamped beneath the obverse langet. Leather based scabbard has twin line decoration to the obverse with a prominent reverse seam. Silver scabbard fittings are stapled to the shell and are in fine condition with no wear. Attached to the scabbard ring of the upper fitting is fine suspension strap having red leather reverse and a silver/black bullion front. A mint anodised assman marked Spring clip is secured to the strap via a square buckle. Top end of the strap is a rectangular box clip with a brass chain and hook attachment. Also included is a red fabric underbelt in excellent condition. Wrapped about the grip is a Portepee having gold strap with blue line enhancement, gold slide, stem crown and acorn. The base of the acorn has a blue twisted wire insert.
Superb complete setup.

Code: 51746

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Municipal Police Bayonet -Alcoso

A cut down Weimar bayonet showing previous rivet holes in the grip plates and having a correctly pinned police insignia to the obverse. Excellent detailing to the feathering and eye detail of the birds head pommel, the reverse of the pommel having minor indentations indicating use as a hammer. Oak leaf embellished crossguard has a stamping to the reverse "S.M.V.3072." This stamping is repeated on the upper reverse scabbard fitting. Cut down blade has some minor loss of finish to obverse and reverse but no nicks to the cutting edge. Blade spine has a waffenampt. Upper reverse ricasso is stamped "Alexander Coppel Solingen" with the ACS scales trademark. Wood based scabbard has some minor denting but good black leather coverage, this leather having twin decorative lines to the obverse and a complete reverse seam. Both upper and lower nickel based scabbard fittings are stapled, the lower staple being a little loose.

Code: 51814

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Irish Fusiliers Boer War Photograph

This monochrome picture is period framed behind glass and dated 1900. Amazing detail which is only revealed by observing the photo through a magnifying glass or loupe. Wooden frame in good condition with no sign of rot or worm.

Code: 51886

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WW1 Cartridge Bandolier

This 1903 pattern, 50 round "303" bandolier was manufactured by " Cole Brothers" and is stamped as such to the belt along with the date of manufacture "1918" and the "WD" stamp and arrow. All the leatherwork, buckles, rivets and stitching are in remarkable condition, showing only the build up of age verdigris around the metal parts which may be simply cleaned away by the next owner.
A superior example of a British uniform accoutrement from the Great War period.

Code: 51885

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British Paratroopers Belt

Double claw dark brown leather belt complete with keeper. Makers mark to the rear. Good quality with minor surface cracking to the front face. Good addition to a mannequin.

Code: 51883

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WW2 German Puttees

Complete in the original transport pack, these uniform Puttees appear to be factory wrapped and never worn. Ink stamped "H.M" to the ends and dated 1933 with a Wehrmacht eagle.

Code: 51882

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PO8 "Luger" Holster

A fine example of the iconic Luger holster in black leather. "lift" strap and closure buckle/strap in excellent operating condition and complete with the spare magazine pouch and internal pocket for the tool, which is missing. All stitching present but with the rear belt loop uppers reattached probably post war. Nicely
stamped to the rear "J08 1943", "PO8" and with the waffenampt "waA179"

Code: 51880

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Frog for the Red Cross Hewer

In exceptional condition, this black leather DRK frog is of typical four rivet stitched construction, and demonstrates only nominal wear to the upper section where the heavy pommel of the hewer has rubbed, and to the lower area of the "shoe" section around the area of the lug hole. There is no damage whatsoever to the hole itself.
Ideal match to an excellent plus or near mint hewer.
A difficult to locate accoutrement especially in this condition.

Code: 51879

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Justice Officials Sword Knot

Obtained some while ago from the collection of the late Barry Brown, this knot is absolutely mint in every way. Leather strap with triple gold lines of stitching, leather slide with gold banding. Crochet style stem through which the gold finished metal former may be seen. Crown and ball with perfect twisted gold strands. Base of ball filled with gold strapping.
An extremely rare accoutrement in the best of condition and with the the best pedigree.

Code: 51657

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