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Third Reich Scabbard for Army Dagger

A non magnetic scabbard having fine detailing to the panel stippling and with the majority of the silvered finish remaining. Both throat retaining screws remain. Scabbard bands are firmly attached and have much hand enhanced detailing to the oak leaf and acorn decoration. No dents or damage of any kind.

Code: 51727

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Third Reich Forestry Cutlass Grip Plates

A matching pair of grips for a senior forestry Hirschfänger. Beautifully toned and with evidence of the previous attachment of acorn and oak leaf embellishments.
An unusual part to find.

Code: 51730

155.00 GBP

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Third Reich Army Dagger Blade-Alcoso

Excellent blade having some age greying to the surface which would clean up to nearly full mint. Needle like tip with a couple of minor nicks to one edge which can only be felt with a fingernail. Full length, correctly threaded tang.

Code: 51744

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Pre Nazi German Shooting Medal in Silver

This circular medal is over an inch in diameter, and is beautifuly hand engraved "Meister Schütze 1931" to the obverse. Surrounding the central engraving is asuperb filigree pattern of oak leaves. Rear of the medal is engraved "800 HARTUNG". Attached to the upper suspension ring is a ten inch silver chain.

This piece is so beautifuly made that it should be considered a piece of jewellery, rather than a medal.

Code: 51616

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Pre ww2 German Shooting Medals

A pair of shooting association awards in guilded silver, marked to the rear with a "950" silver mark. In the form of a cross on a sunburst background, having a highly detailed depiction of crossed rifles, target and oak leaves in silver to the obverse. The reverse of one award is hand engraved "Freihand Meister 1934" the other "Auflage Meister 1935"
A splendid matched pair of awards from the Third Reich era.

Code: 51644

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Third Reich Army Sword Portepee

Green leather strap with twin lines of silver stitching. Green and silver slide. Crochet style stem with tightly wrapped silver crown and ball. Lower ball opening has brown twisted wire style infill.
Excellent condition with slight storage wear to the strap. Original outfitters tag still attached.

Code: 51985

90.00 GBP

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German WW1 Trench /Fighting Knife

This incredible knife is essentially mint-not a term we use lightly. Totally undamaged wooden grip plates are secured by two rivets, and have diagonal grooving to prevent slipping. Semi recurved cross guard still retains all its factory blackening, whilst the needle sharp unmarked blade retains a fine cutting edge, and most cross grain, with only very minor age spots and runner marks. Blackened scabbard retains all of its finish, whilst the attached leather belt loop and grip strap remain supple and undamaged.
A fantastic example and probably the best one on the market today, Incredible that it is approximately 100 years old!

Code: 51041

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German WW1 Era Trench knife-Carl Eickhorn

This knife or knife-bayonet is typical of the private purchase knives obtained by officers following the order No 2732/12 16 A2 of January 8th 1917 which abolished Sabres in favour of the short bayonet.
This example is unusual in that it is marked to the Ricasso with the Eickhorn back to back squirrels logo. Single edged blade is good condition with several nicks to the cutting edge which can be felt with a finger nail. Finger guard, backstrap and eagle head pommel with non functioning push button retain their bright finish, Black chequered grips and retaining rivets in fine condition. Much original black paint remaining to scabbard which has lost its leather belt loop.
A great example of a rare knife which was probably carried through two world wars.

Code: 51069

295.00 GBP

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Third Reich Luftwaffe Fighting Knife with Field Modification.

A most unusual "Kampfmesser der Wehrmacht Luftwaffe", which has been modified by the addition of a period handmade secondary leather scabbard to facilitate carrying from a belt!
Typical wooden grip held by three rivets in excellent used condition. Steel cross guard, excellent bright blade which bears the letter "S". No damage to the cutting edges of the main blade or false edge which runs back from the tip along the top of the blade.
Excellent black finish remaining to the scabbard which slides securely into the black leather outer scabbard and is held tightly in place by the three Spring clips attached. This outer leather sheath is sewn vertically at the reverse, and has an additional leather attachment to the top which in turn supports a belt loop.
Superb example of a field modification enabling this item to be carried securely on a belt-extremely rare!

Code: 51060

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German WW1 Trench Knife

A fascinating and seldom seen WW1 fighting or trench knife, manufactured throughout the first war, but in this particular case enterprisingly adapted for sale to the American servicemen occupying the Cologne area following the end of hostilities in 1918.
Pommel backstrap and finger guard in exceptional condition showing only wear commensurate with age. Chequered wooden grip plates secured by two domed rivets. Blade is in good condition showing signs of cleaning to the reverse, but having the inscription "Souvenir of Siegburg" on a floral scroll to the obverse. "Nahkampfer D.R.G.M." stamped to the upper broad Ricasso. Undented black scabbard appears to be repainted and has the HJ knife type leather belt loop and grip strap riveted to the obverse. Brown leather is in excellent pliable condition and has a fully working snap clip.
A rare survivor.

Code: 51057

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