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Luftwaffe 2nd Model Dagger-No Maker

An excellent example of the second pattern dagger, having much hand enhancement to the fittings. Pommel is well defined with no bumps or hits to the circumference and with very prominent swastica. Light orange grip is slightly lighter to the obverse, and is tightly wrapped with springy silver wire. An original Portepee in the correct tie is wrapped about the ferrule. Raised out crossguard eagle is a superb specimen, having highly detailed beak, brow and eye, and with every individual feather visible. These fittings are non magnetic and very heavy, possibly being of early brass construction. Plain, non maker marked plated blade is in excellent condition having only minor age greying which would polish out easily. Pebbled scabbard panels are well defined, as are the scabbard bands. It is interesting to note the swing wear present in the upper band, caused by the scabbard ring, indicating that this piece was worn for a considerable period, no doubt with pride.
A terrific example with many interesting features.

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Third Reich Luftwaffe Bayonet Frog

Early quality all stitched construction. Brown leather has a bright finish and is in excellent condition having all complete brown stitching to the edges. Lug hole shows use but has no tears.

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Third Reich Shooting Association Troddel

K98 sized Troddel having an all green strap, slide, stem, crown and acorn. The base of the acorn has a section of strap material as infill.
Mint, in original tie.
These items are becoming difficult to obtain, but are perfect to complete a shooting cutlass.

Code: 52327

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Third Reich Short Forestry Frog

These small format frogs are unusual to find and "show off" the upper scabbard fittings of a cutlass to perfection. Magnetic box clip is sewn in using green thread, "V notch" shoe section is similarly attached. Some minor cracking to surface finish.
Difficult to find accoutrement.

Code: 52326

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Third Reich "Skeleton" type frog

Substantial frog consisting of a single piece of leather folded, riveted and sewn to include a belt loop in the upper fold, "shoe" in the lower and a grip strap in the centre. Marked "DZ" and dated 1942 to the rear.

Code: 52325

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Third Reich Forestry/Hunting Frog

Suitable for either a hunting or a forestry cutlass, this "v" notch frog is in perfect condition, having a part guilded box clip folded and stitched into the upper fold. All green stitching is complete and the green/brown pebbled leather is mint.
Rare accoutrement.

Code: 52324

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Third Reich Bayonet Frog-NPEA?

A most unusual ox-blood coloured frog having all the traits of an NPEA purposed item. Single rivet centrally placed and visible through the undamaged frog hole. Shoe is shaped to accept an SA style frog. Obvious reinforcement to the grip area.
Interesting item which has clearly been used for something other than a bayonet, probably NPEA or SA vertical.

Code: 52323

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Third Reich K98 Bayonet Frog

A cavalry style frog of four rivet construction having a grip strap securely enclosed within the folds of the leather. Superb condition leather and stitching, and with a makers name and the date 1940 to the reverse.

Code: 52322

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Third Reich "Over the Shoulder" Forestry Dagger Hanger

Adjustable fabric type shoulder hanger is in perfect condition having no staining or tears, buckles remain bright and rust free. Teardrop shaped green leather hanger is backed with brown leather, has a spring clip sewn in, and is in mint condition, having all the green coloured stitching complete.
Ideal to complete a forestry cutlass display.

Code: 52321

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Third Reich Luftwaffe Dagger-Eickhorn

An excellent example of an Eickhorn 2nd model dagger produced during the 35-41 period. Heart shaped pommel is well defined with evidence of hand enhancements particularly to the background. Grip is tightly wrapped with springy wire and remains in excellent condition with some light scuff marks which could be easily removed. Ferrule and crossguard have much background darkening remaining, with exceptional definition to the oak leaf and acorn decoration to the upper surfaces of the quillions. Blade has some age smudging but no damage to the edges and remains needle sharp. As the blade is plated, this smudging could be easily polished out to reveal a near mint blade. The Eickhorn seated squirrel logo is boldly etched to the reverse ricasso. Scabbard is in fine condition, having both flush mounted throat retaining screws present. Scabbard bands are securely attached and well defined.
An superb example from probably the best of the Solingen manufacturers.

Code: 52320

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